Dedicated Institute founders Michael Lind and Fredrik Wikholm address the change occurring in the intersection of business and planet. In their powerful keynote presentations they combine the experience from a decade as entrepreneurs with the work of the Dedicated Institute to reimagine the future of business. A future where businesses are driven by values and powered by innovation.


What do you want to be when you grow up again? Every single industry on this planet will be disrupted. I support you in building the tools for you to create a new leadership and company that society actual need and care for. 

All over the world people are creating powerful technical breakthroughs, new innovations scale and open new markets at accelerating speeds, as an effect all industries will inevitably undergo transformation. We live in an age of disruption. In my talks and role as advisor I guide you through key questions such as; What is the tools and mindset of disruption? How does disruption affect your business and industry? How do you become a disruptor? How do you stay relevant in the 21st century?


We will look at 3 fundamental steps of disruption:

*Building a vision for your business fit for the 21st-century and beyond. Why are you important and who do you actually matter to? Setting a new vision for the kind of company you want to be, why you matter to people and what problems you solve for society is the foundation of relevance, integrity and deep customer engagement.

“Business is a partnership, people will create it with you if you are profoundly important in their lives.”


*Disruption Case studies -- Understanding our most successful disruptors.

Mapping and truly understanding the difference in mindset between those who get disrupted and those who disrupt and applying the first principles strategy. Using understanding as a scientific tool, instead of as a concept, lays a foundation for your (self) disruption and innovation process.

“Science is our compass, tech evolution our toolbox, imagination our horizon.”


*Implementing the use of our method Planetary Opportunities - a disruptive possibility perspective on science. You can use science as a treasure map to define global planetary and human needs as business opportunities. This is an approach used by some of the world´s most successful disruptors and a key to market relevance, longevity and leadership.