Welcome to the LEAP hackathon


What´s LEAP

Leap is a learning journey and community for driving scalable systemic change within our society and economy. Leap was created between Swedish Institute, Stockholm Resilience Centre and Dedicated Institute with the purpose of enabling a new frontier of leaders to move society beyond our current experience into a state of thriving. The graduates, also known as Leapers, are entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and social leaders with a systemic understanding and drive to shape our shared world. 


Why a hackathon

We want to explore how LEAP can have a global impact by getting better, deeper and scalable. This together with and through people like you, people who has a stake in LEAP and its outcomes as well as deep insight from it. 


We will explore three main questions:

  • How can we develop the program so to enable leaders even more and better?
  • Can we and if so how would we digitise elements of the program to share it with the world and to build out a community platform to support Leapers globally?
  • Can we build solutions, systems and methods for Leapers and facilitators to bring LEAP out into the world, producing their own versions of the program?


Who will be here

Well you are because you´re a Leaper. You´ve graduated from the program, you´ve enabled or even built the program or you’ve been of invaluable contribution to LEAPs becoming. You might also be amongst a handful of new contributors invited because you have some extra layer of magic to spread as we explore the questions above.


Why should you contribute

In the most macro sense of ways - because the world needs us to come together and do this. There are billions of people out there in need of a sustainably thriving world and thousands of enablers of that world and LEAP can enable the journey to it. In a more direct sense it´s for you to contribute to a growing community of change makers - better program equals more impact, more tools and a platform equals stronger relationships in the community and tools and structures for you to take the program out into the world will generate a platform for you to scale your impact and opportunities on. 


Who has been invited

List of leapers, creators, enablers, contributors and newcomers.


Who is creating the hack

This is an independent LEAP organisation initiative to which key people from SRC and Si has been invited.


Ways to participate

  1.  Join us in Stockholm for a full day hack
  2.  We would love your input, but if you are not in Stockholm, we will arrange a shorter online session on March 7.



WHEN: March 5th, 2018

WHERE: Downtown Stockholm

TIME: 9.00 - 16.00



Invited superstars



    • Ala Kazlova
    • Aleksandra Mirowicz
    • Anna Kovasna
    • Anna Zabezsinszkij
    • Arevik Hayrapetyan
    • Donata Radziunaite
    • Dumitru Slonovschi
    • Filip Linders
    • Jasur Hasanov
    • Kadri Sikk
    • Karyna Koreiba
    • Klaudia Shevelyuk
    • Lamin Sonko
    • Mariliis Holm
    • Maris Ojamuru
    • Oleksandr Suprunets
    • Rebecka Carlsson
    • Jannica Hedlund
    • Stina Behrens


    • Toni Peterson
    • Oufa Rian
    • Yomi Abiola
    • Stuart Pledger
    • Fabian Pfortmuller
    • Josefina Skerk
    • Johan Rockström
    • Anton Blomqvist
    • Anna Maria Orru
    • Garry Peterson
    • Lisa Lindström
    • Lisa Dyson
    • Victor Galaz
    • Mikael Ahlström
    • Alessandro Amidani
    • Nathaniel Calhoun
    • Mais Irqsusi

      New contributors

      • Alex Neuman
      • Anton Chernikov
      • Lisen Schultz
      • Charlotte Sundåker
      • Gustav Borgefalk

      LEAP team

      • Sarah Gregersen
      • Per Olsson
      • Fredrik Moberg
      • Nadja Tham
      • Mike Lind
      • Fredrik Wikholm