// Hello, and welcome to the Society Beyond hackathon.



WHEN: March 5th, 2018

WHERE: Stockholm, Downtown Camper by Scandic

TIME: 8.50 - 16.00 including lunch and snack breaks.





What´s Society Beyond

Creatingour first learning journey together made us so happy and excited about planetary opportunities and it sparked the idea to create a bigger enabling system for leaders and entrepreneurs all over the world. To learn, develop their leadership and innovate towards a sustainably thriving world, using science as a treasure map.

This is what the 1-day Society Beyond Hack is all about, to co-create that enabling system together with you

We have a bunch of insights, hypothesis and solutions in mind but want to be challenged and expanded by the brilliant minds and collective superpower. We´ve also invited a few new and exciting people to the mix.


Why a hackathon

Purpose & goal

  • Together explore how to create and build (a) society beyond
  • Create the first prototype of the Planetary Oportunities tool and learning journey


Why should you contribute

In the most macro sense of ways - because the world needs us to come together and do this. There are billions of people out there in need of a sustainably thriving world and thousands of enablers of that world that we want to enable. In a more direct sense it´s for you to contribute to a growing community of change makers - better program equals more impact, more tools and a platform equals stronger relationships in the community and tools and structures for you to take the program out into the world will generate a platform for you to scale your impact and opportunities on. 


Who is creating the hack

This is created by Dedicated Institute and Stockholm Resilience Centre

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